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NMI eyes 2 slots in Oceania road course measurement seminar

13 Feb 2015 By Emmanuel T. Erediano - - Variety News Staff

THE CNMI’s Northern Marianas Athletics will send two people to attend the Road Course Measurement Seminar that the International Association of Athletics Federation’s Oceania Regional Development Centre is conducting in Christchurch, New Zealand from May 25 to 30.

The nomination will close on Feb. 16.

Cherry Harvey, development manager of IAAF Oceania Regional Development Centre has sent members the nomination form.

NMA President Ramon A. Tebuteb in an interview yesterday said two have been nominated already to take the slots for the seminar. He declined to name them.

So far, the two athletes from the CNMI who have been certified after attending the seminar last year are Robin Sapong and Ed Diaz.

The seminar will train participants in road course measurement techniques to the standards of the IAAF and Association of International Marathons and Distance Race.

“Participants who demonstrate sufficient competence in these techniques will be eligible for future consideration as IAAF-AIMS grade C course measurers, which will allow them to measure most local road courses. To achieve C status, participants must practice their measurement skills and submit measurement reports in the 12 months following the seminar,” the IAAF nomination form explains.

Right now, the 26-mile marathon course in the CNMI has yet to be certified.

Although Diaz and Sapong are already certified to measure the marathon course, they don’t have the power to certify the course they measure, therefore the CNMI’s marathon course that usually starts from Micro Beach in American Memorial Park, then goes to Marpi, to Pacific Islands Club in San Antonio and back to Micro Beach, is not IAAF-certified marathon course.

In able to have that certified, those who will be certified to measure them will have to continue to another level of certification seminar.

Harvey said Oceania urges federations to nominate individuals, both men and women who: are physically fit and capable of riding a bicycle not less than 50km’s on any one given day; have very good mathematical skills. Especially with a pocket calculator; are prepared to give an undertaking to serve the Member Federation as a road course measurer; have NOT have attended any previous IAAF-AIMS measurement seminar and are highly proficient in spoken and written English, as the course will be delivered in English.
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