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Had a fellow measurer pose this question today. I'm of the opinion reversing the direction of a certified course doesn't affect the certification. Only the elevation info might change. I say this because we're certifying the distance of a course, not the direction runners take.

Naturally, miles/kms might change but this doesn't affect the distance of the course.

I suppose we could issue a new cert to satisfy purists & those who like things to be 'just right'. I could go either way but in the interim am fine w/a certified course run either direction.
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Actually, after I sent the note to Scott, I realized that what the race director wants to do isn't clear to me yet (I'm the measurer). Rather than completely reversing the course, I think he just wants to switch the start and finish.

The course starts at point A on "Main" street and heads west. At the end it returns on Main street heading east and finishing at point B. The only thing he wants to change about the course is making the start at point B and the finish at point A. Points A and B are about 200 feet apart.

In this case would a new certificate be needed? It seems to me that anything a race director wanted to do that didn't require measuring anything, and resulted in a course of exactly the same distance, shouldn't require a new certificate. Examples would be this case, reversing the direction, changing the order of the loops in a 2-loop course, etc.

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