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How Two New Certifiers Came to be Appointed

Many of our certifiers have been with us for many years. Our population is aging. In order to maintain continuity of operation I thought it would be a good idea to add some younger people to our roster. I contacted RRTC Chairman Mike Wickiser. He thought it was a good idea and put me in charge of finding people for the job. Here was the method I used:

I checked the course list to find people who had measured 20 or more courses in the last two years. I checked their maps online. Two of the better mapmakers with 20 or more courses measured were Justin Kuo and Matthew Studholme.

I asked their certifiers whether they thought they could handle the job. I got enthusiastic "yesses."

I asked Justin and Matthew whether they were willing. Both were enthusiastic.
I asked every certifier who had more than one state whether they were willing to give up one or more. I had lots of offers.

I assigned the states as you can see from the RRTC web page - Justin got MA & CT. I was surprised that Ray Nelson was willing to give up MA, but I asked him twice and he said he was enthusiastic about the change. Paul Hronjak gave up CT.

Matthew got WV (given by Bob Thurston) and KY, ND, SD, HI (these four unloaded by me). It's a lot of states but not a lot of total action.

Mike has or will shortly formalize these appointments.

That's how it happened.
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