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Searching for a course measurer can be confusing. You can’t always rely on what the person says. Some will say they have “certified” lots of courses, yet no record of their work can be found.

Here is a way to do it.

First, go to the RRTC web site and download the list of certified courses. You will find it at:

Look within the state and find a city near where your proposed course is. You will find that each course has the name of the measurer listed.

If your proposed measurer cannot be found, odds are that he or she has not submitted any courses for certification.

If the name appears, you can check the quality of the work done by looking at the map that the measurer produced. Go to the USATF web site and conduct a search for the some courses that the proposed measurer has measured. You can find the search engine at: If the map is clear and of good quality, this is better than a map that is messy. Note that the search engine is not as user-friendly as one might like. Keep fiddling with it and you will find a way to make it work

I’ve come to believe that good measurement technique goes hand in hand with good map making.

Once you have found a measurer, send a note to the state certifier (list can be found at and ask for contact information.
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