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I am looking at results from 2005 Minster Oktoberfest Classic 10K race from Oct. 2, 2005 and the heading says TAC Certified Registration No. OH 84074 PR. I started measuring around 2000 and it has always been 10 years. Maybe they just for got to change the number because the course was measured again in 2005. Do any of the people measuring back in the 1970's & 1980's know if a course was always considered certified as long as didn't change. Or has it always been 10 years?Screenshot 2022-10-31 at 5.18.50 PM

Thanks for any help on this.


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Below is from old annual meeting minutes on the website. I don't know what the procedure was for "renewing" a certification, and the link provided below became a dead end long ago.

Course Renewal Procedure Clarification

2001-07-25: As decided at the 2000 USATF Convention, course renewals are being phased out, although courses certified prior to 2001 are still renewable. Questions have arisen regarding policies for renewal of pre-2001 courses. To eliminate confusion, RRTC Chairman Mike Wickiser has issued a statement and mailed it to all Regional Certifiers, explaining the procedures that Certifiers must follow in renewing courses which are still eligible for renewal:

Course Renewals to be Phased Out

2000-12-01: RRTC decided at the 2000 USATF Convention in Albuquerque, NM to stop allowing renewal of certified courses when they "expire" at the end of 10 years. Instead, 10-year expiration will be regarded as a strict termination of the certification, as it is felt that enough uncertainty creeps into every course to warrant remeasurement after this period of time. In practice, the new policy will not take effect for 10 years, as we will continue to honor the language on current certificates which states "This certification automatically expires ten years after date of issue, although it may be renewed for additional ten-year periods..." However, starting in 2001, newly certified courses will be issued certificates that feature a clearly visible expiration date and do not mention the possibility of renewal. When these certifications expire, they will not be renewable.

I know that in the early days (1970s), there was no expiration date on a certificate. Does anyone have the link to the measurement archives? We could probably find there when the 10-year went into effect. I think it was after 1985. I have some correspondence from 1985 when courses measured without using the SCPF were thrown out after a certain dae.


Looks to me like this course was run on an expired certification, Jay.

I was recently wondering whether there are a lot of events that still call their course "certified" when it is older than ten years and therefore expired. A low key race I recently ran advertised on its web site that, since the course to be run had not changed since the 11 years old certification, it was still "effectively the same as a certified course".

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