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The temperature along the East Coast hit triple digits in most places, with high humidity to boot.

We've all got war stories about the coldest ride we ever did (except the lucky dogs in SoCal and Hawaii), but what was the hottest conditions you ever measured in? I bet Pete takes the prize with some of his South American excursions.
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I don’t think this is any sort of record, but when I measured the Sawmill AC 10k (OH86002PR) it was New Year’s Day and the temperature was below 10F. I remember my toes getting awful cold.

As for hot, anybody who lives in the southwest will have me beat. I’ve measured several times in temperatures above 90F, but I’m sure I’m not alone here. I think it was in the 90's when I measured a marathon in Venezuela.

Generally I wimp out when it’s too hot or too cold.
I wrote the certs for a measurer in Nevada. He measured a Half and Marathon when it was 105°. I see why others measure at night in the desert, but he could only do it during the day, due to the Park Service restrictions.

They had one bike, so the measurer rode one ride, then the co-measurer rode. I can only assume they had plenty of water in the car, so they could stay hydrated. Glad I didn't measure those courses!

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