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If we had a hit counter on the search engine it could give us valuable feedback on how much use it gets. I suspect certifiers and RRTC people use it more than others, but at present we have no idea at all how much it is used.

It's a lot of paperwork to keep up the list. I suppose we have always assumed that it gets enough use to justify the maintenance effort.

The race director gets a copy of the certificate when it's certified. Would it make sense to put the responsibility for a course's certification status on the race director?

Naturally many RD's would not do this, but is this our problem?
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Pete and all, I asked Blake (our USATF Webmaster) for help obtaining statistics for the Search for a USATF-certified course page. Blake sent me a PDF containing the Google Analytics for one month (Aug 19, 2013 through Sep 18, 2013.) I posted a copy of the PDF at the link below:

Blake wrote: "It’s pretty heavily viewed, and this doesn’t count views of the course maps themselves which I don’t believe there are any stats on."

During that month, there were 17,634 Unique Page Views. That's over 500 Unique Page Views per day!

Thank you. -- Justin

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