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I get a lot of questions about past things that have been reported, and I respond.

However, it is clear to me that most folks are not aware of the big pile of research material available.

Go to

Click on "Historical Information on RunScore." (RunScore is operated by Alan Jones)
Click on "Technical Articles."

An index will appear which you can use to download a pile of good stuff.

In the Historical Info section you will also find access to every issue of Measurement News.

Happy surfing!
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Agreed, Bob. Lots of valuable material here. Many thanks, Pete.

One article that got my attention right away is Neville Wood's "TIRE PRESSURE AS A MEANS OF CONTINUOUSLY MONITORING WHEEL CALIBRATION
FACTOR IN THE RRTC BICYCLE METHOD FOR COURSE MEASUREMENT". Is anyone out there using tire pressure monitoring besides Neville? What are the pros and cons?

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