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I recently read on on running thread where a local elite runner was researching the methods to measure his training loop. I think the loop was just a few miles and he wanted some split points measured for interval training. The usual methods were discussed; wheel, gps, and bike.
So the general question I'm asking is would any of you do a measurement for free?
With the following parameters:
-A "quick and dirty" measurement
-Not for a race
-Not for Certification, no paperwork or official status.
I personally would do this if it was within 30-60 minute drive.
This might be a good way of supporting local runners.
Your thoughts please
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I would consider doing a measurement of this type for free, if it was where other runners could use it. In a park, or other area where runners or running groups commonly gathered for group runs.

If it was just for a single user, I would let them know to use their phone or GPS, and map it on GoogleEarth, then "average" the results from the two methods. Not worth my time to do a somewhat precise measurement for an "average Joe" runner.

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