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Guinness Records

There’s an article on the front page of today’s Wall Street Journal that is somewhat related to course measurement. Ashrita Furman has been harvesting Guinness world records for a long time, and is now the holder of the Guinness record for holding Guinness records. He has set 312 of them, and is the current record-holder of 120.

I was buying a paper this morning when I saw Furman’s picture on the front page of WSJ. I remembered him from the distant past, and bought the WSJ to read about him.

There is a course in Washington, DC, on The Mall between 7th and 14th Streets, certified at 1.009 miles. DC96020PR. The "Somersault Mile." This was done at the request of the Sri Chinmoy organization, so that Mr. Furman could document his record attempt.

Mr. Furman set a Guinness record in Washington, DC, in 1995. He somersaulted a mile in 26 min 25 sec. The course was measured with a wheel just before the record attempt, and remeasured with a steel tape in February 1996 for certification. I am unaware whether Guinness is concerned about date of measurement. I suspect not, as the record was recognized.

Mr. Furman, in April 1996, somersaulted 12 miles 390 yards and was listed as the Guinness world record holder for Longest Continuous Distance Somersaulted. It was, however, done in Massachusetts and not on the DC course.

Furman's Home Page

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