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Welcome to all. Anybody at all can read what is posted here, but only those who register can post new message or replies. I hope you will register.

If this takes off, it can be a very nice thing.

Over time, the form and content of this message board will change. I welcome all the help I can get. Those who would like to find out the nitty-gritty of how this bulletin board works can click on the “infopop” at the bottom of the page and find all sorts of information about how this bulletin board works. Right now I know very little about it.

It’s a bit confusing for me at present, and I welcome any suggestions.
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The forum is off to a good start. However, I am curious how it will do in the long run. I had a forum like this for my RunScore program on It was well used but when I started a listserv (e-mail) forum, it really took off and people stopped using the web-only. I think the problem with this type of forum is that one has to make the (though very small) effort to go look once in a while. An e-mail forum comes to each member whenever a note is appended.

Let's see what happens.

Alan, I'd forgotten about the RunScore forum. On the other hand, I subscribe to a Track & Field maillist out of the University of Oregon. 5 years ago there might be 20 posts a day, more during the height of the track season. Now weeks can go by without a post. That was the case even during the Athens Games. Most of the subscribers migrated to online message boards like and

A nice feature of message boards is you can view the entire thread at once, or go back to old material fairly easily.

What this will all mean to MN Forum remains to be seen.
This Road Course Measurement Bulletin Board does the ability to send e-mail notifications when something new is posted to a particular forum. This may ease the transition from a subscription mailing list to a browser based forum discussions.

Subscribers may select the notification tool by clicking the "Notify" tab on a community page to request . Delivery options include:

Daily E-mail Digest - a summary of all notifications sent once a day
Weekly E-mail Digest - a summary of all notifications sent once a week
Immediate Notification - e-mail automatically sent when there is an update.

If you want it all you do need to select the notification tool for each forum (i.e. Electronic Measurement, Timing, Records, etc.)

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