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We've noticed lately that several cities have started limiting runs to certain areas where their events can be held-areas that can be easily controlled and would have minimal impact on traffic and local residents. The next step is "standard" courses that would be used by all. One measurer in the Dallas/Fort Worth area will be doing this soon and he was asking about questions No.2 & 5 on the app. Neither the Race Contact nor the Race Date would be known, so what goes in those fields? Unknown, TBD, NA, or what?
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I know what you mean. Usually I do know the first RD who needs such a course measured, because they have got ahold of me. I try to list the first date and RD when it will be used and not worry about the others. But if you don't know you can't list the information.
This reminds me of how the National Park Service completely rebuilt the roads in East Potomac Park. They (NPS) were amenable to making some accommodations so that race courses could be easily held in the park. Alan Roth and I scoped out the whole park and we ended up making recommendations for where to build in wide places for turnarounds.
The good news is they went ahead and built all the recommended turnarounds. The stupid news is that I don't think any of those are currently used (and for all I know never were)!
So I just hope the courses you are talking about will actually be used.
For the Race Contact, I think "Common Course", or "TBD" would be good, and for the Race Date, "Various" would suffice.

If it is shown as "Common Course", then it is apparent that no one "owns" the course, so anyone can use it.

I have always felt "Date of Race" is somewhat meaningless, except when the event is the day of, or within a week of, measurement. But even then, if a record is set, more verification of event date and certification date would be done. Since the course is valid for 10 years, listing the first date of an event is not of much value.
I think Duane makes a good point about "Common Course". I think it would then be clear to all concerned that the certified course is "in the public domain" and not owned by anyone. I do not know what other measurers have encountered with clients concerning "ownership", but more than one of my clients has bristled at the idea of another organization taking its course map and substituting another race name.

I recently arranged for a spring 5K RD and a fall 5K organizer to get together to share certification costs. I sent them each a map with the name of the park coupled with "5K" as the course name. Neither client accepted this. I had to send each a map with her respective race names as the title instead of the venue. I explained to both that USATF would post the certification under the more generic name.

When a measurer sends me an application on a short deadline, I want them to separately tell me they are on a short deadline. If he/she relies on my finding that the race is a week hence from the application only, I may not grasp the urgency in time to issue the certificate before the race. Coupled with the fact that more than one race uses the same course so often, I fail to see what "Date of Race" accomplishes.

Simplification and reduction to a "minimum required data set" is a worthy goal, IMO.

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