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Kudos to Jim Gilmer for his leadership in establishing our new online certification submission system. I look forward to using this system as soon as it opens on September 16th.

It is my hope, that, as this system evolves in V. II and beyond, that we will eventually be able to incorporate our payments system. I know that our being able to submit payments as a final step in sending in new courses is on Jim's radar. Of course, we'll need to migrate to an "https" URL to facilitate this.

Something we may want to contemplate is how we may want to update our fee structure. Eventually, our Vice Chairs and Registrar should expect a reduced workload. However, for the next few months, their workload will be substantial, as we all navigate our new process. Given their time and dedication, I feel that a modest increase is well justified. Accordingly, I feel the fee paid to certifiers should increase. 

I have no recommendations as to what increases may be reasonable and acceptable to most of us. I would appreciate any and all thoughts from any F.S., Certifier, or Measurer. What do you think? 

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Appreciate your kind comments and will pass along to the lead developer (Kevin Becker) who should get all the credit for building the system to our specs.

RE fees:  Fees were specifically not part of the online certification project and will still be handled outside the system, as is done currently. Integrating a payment transaction system would not be difficult but was considered beyond the scope of work for the initial project. 

That said, questions/suggestions about changes to the fee structure are a matter of USATF/RRTC policy and should be discussed in a different category on the forum. Thanks.

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