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Community Metrics

This report was prepared specifically for:Road Course Measurement Bulletin Board

Statistics reported for period of: February 1-28, 2005

Road Course Measurement Bulletin Board

Registered Members: 98
New Members: 2
Total Hours Usage: 12


Top 5 Posters
Pete Riegel 10
JamesM 8
Paul Bowker 1
Javaman 1
Kevin P. Lucas 1

Top 5 Topic Starters
Pete Riegel 3
JamesM 3
Paul Bowker 1
Kevin P. Lucas 1
Danny Michael 1

Total Page Views: 2509
Avg. Page Views/Day: 92
New Topics: 9
Active User Count: 8

5 Most Active Topics
Confusion reigns in half-marathon by Pete Riegel (with 2 posts and 83 page views)

Cold Weather Measuring by Kevin P. Lucas (with 3 posts and 76 page views)

Records on Intermediate Distances by Danny Michael (with 2 posts and 50 page views)

Steel tape for cert, but can I use fiber for offsets? by JamesM (with 2 posts and 42 page views)

Bulletin Board to be down by Pete Riegel (with 2 posts and 39 page views)
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