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Getting to the Falkland Islands

I noticed from the February 2006 AIMS Newsletter AIMS that the Standard Chartered Stanley Marathon has joined AIMS. Because I enjoy the opportunity to go to exotic locales I inquired of Hugh Jones whether the course had been measured. He replied “Been there, done that (7 Feb). It was fun.”

Standard Chartered Stanley Marathon (FKL)
Nick Hutton
PO Box 597, Ross Road, Stanley, Falkland Is.
Tel: +500 22220; Fax: +500 22219

This race is in its second year. It is the world's most southerly (52degS) certified marathon, run entirely on sealed road surfaces. These are not in plentiful supply in the Falkland Islands, and the route uses nearly all of what is available both in town and on the bypass road - both eastward to the old airstrip and westward towards the new Airport. The route takes in all the notable landmarks in Stanley. The race attracts about 50 individual entries and also offers a 4-person relay event (3x10km + 1x12km) which attracted 15 teams in the inaugural year.

Hugh explained that they wanted a UK measurer because he could travel on a military flight.

Out of curiosity I tried to see what was involved in getting to the Falkland Islands. I tried Orbitz, Travelocity and Expedia. I was unable to find any flights going to the Falkland Islands.

While waiting for a meeting to start I visited a travel agent and explained my quest. He played with his computer for 10 minutes and consulted a number of books. He was also unable to find a way to get there.

If you find yourself with time on your hands, why not see whether you can get to the Falklands. First one to respond wins the admiration of all readers.
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After a long and geueling search on Google(about 10,800 items, took 0.35 seconds) I discovered the RAF has weekly flights to the Falklands from the UK, otherwise it looks like a cruise ship ship from Miami. The round-trip should cost about $4,600 from RAF Brize Norton or Mount Pleasant Airport. The site does not mention if you need to be a citizen of the UK.

If you are REALLY curious, check out the following:

Sometimes getting there is half the fun.

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