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This is just a quick post to let you know about the Facebook Group called Road Running Course Measurement

The group is intended for measurers (or those interested in measuring) road running courses for accuracy and USATF certification. It is comprised of individuals who engage in and enjoy the challenges and rewards of providing a valued service to the road running community and is not affiliated with USATF or any other formal national or regional governing body for the sport of athletics.

To access this group, either click on the link above or scan the QR code below. Hope to see you soon. Thanks. 



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I think it's fine. There will be people who are more comfortable posting on a Facebook site, and there will be people more comfortable posting here, and that's all good.

People should be aware that once a post on Facebook kind of falls off the bottom, so to speak, no one is going to go searching for it. So if you are posting some information that you think might be useful to others over the long term, you probably want to post it here where it can be more easily searched for and linked to by others.

But for lighthearted discussions about stuff people might find interesting, Facebook is good.

I agree about the "lighthearted discussions" on FB, Mark. But IMO using FB at all is tantamount to supporting a social media platform that has been all but totally coopted by malevolent players. It seems to me that our "Infopop" as managed by you can also be an appropriate place for some lighthearted banter - no? Given the horrible record of FB, my personal contention is that it is best avoided. Just my 2¢.

Not convinced that having a group on FB isn't a great idea? Here's just one more example of FB's mis/malfeasance from a recent Washington Post article:

Not trying to "yuck on your yum" here, Jim. You did a nice thing. I just believe that FB deserves to be boycotted. I realize I may be in a minority with this sentiment. I also believe that, the more measurers learn about the bad acts of bad players in FB, the less interested they will be in supporting it in any way.

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This FB group is set up for measurers and those interested in measuring.

Improper posts will be removed and improper information will be corrected by the group and or group administrator.

If anyone is against FB, Simple, don't post. It's a social group, not an official USATF product.

But if anyone wants to be involved in networking, sharing interesting stories and pics or canvasing for pointers, then "come on down".

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