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I have received interest in certification from the organizer of a duathlon. I do not yet know specifically what they are looking for, and I’m sure that I could certify the running portion, but is there any way to address the cycling portion? Is there another certifying organization for triathlons and duathons?
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I have just done some looking at/for Du/Tri measurements, and what seems to be the consensus is that each course stands on its own. Many think that running courses are measured with a surveyor's wheel, car, or GPS. Swims seem to be measured with a GPS.

But, most posters wish there was more accuracy in their distances, whether a true 10k (or specific distance) or a true statement of length, as in 9.5k for the run portion. For the cycling portion, they also want accuracy, but do you want to ride a race course that is over 50 miles long? I believe a GPS should be sufficient for that. That is up to your race director to decide.

Maybe this is an opportunity for USATF measurers to measure Du/Tri running courses. The selling point would be accurate distances, not necessarily precise 10k, etc. distances. As an aside, the stated method for measuring the run distance is from the transition exit to the Finish. Transition zones are not part of the previous or subsequent leg of the race.

Arguments against having the run portions of the course certified is the expense.

I also don't see the USATF certifying a leg of a race. Measurers could "measure the run portion using USATF measurement procedures", but as far as a 'certification' map, I think that would be up for negotiation with the event.

So, I would treat this as an opportunity for you to garner revenue for accurate measurement, but I don't think there is a need for USATF certification. It could be done, of course, but the segment of competition apparently does not expect their races to conform to standards, as road racing does. Each course is so unique that what matters to competitors is accuracy in stated length, which is what USATF certifies. But, will the race advertise "9.573k" for the run, or "9.5k"? That's a difference of 385 feet, which is significant.

Good luck with this.
There are a handful of certifications for duathlons listed on USATF – but most appear to have just a cert for the run portion. One race does have certifications for both a 5K and a 25K, which could be the run and the bike portions…

I'm sure that I can help them, but I'll have to see what they really want. If there is anything interesting to report back, I will do so.

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