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I thought I read in a post or two, about a meeting where measurers would be in attendance. I can't find the post (but did come across many interesting topics while looking!)

Is there an annual gathering of measurers anywhere in the US? I would like to meet others, and exchange ideas and stories (and maybe enjoy a beverage or two).
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Duane –

Measurers do gather, and when we do it is always a pleasant experience. My first occasion to meet with others was at the 1983 measurement of the 1984 Olympic Marathon course in Los Angeles. Organized by John Brennand and Bob Letson, thirteen of us met and measured the course. Some of us, like I was then, were newbies. At that time I’d measured five courses. When not riding we talked incessantly about measurement. To an outsider it would have seemed very geeky. To us it was precious time.

There have been ten US seminars I’ve attended over the years, as well as a dozen international ones. The atmosphere is always the same, with an eagerness to meet others who practice our trade, and find that we do indeed think alike. The one most frequently attended has been the short one that RRCA puts on at their annual meeting. Usually an RRTC person is drafted to speak. These are fun.

I put on two seminars in Columbus. One was a low-key one for local folks and one was international and funded partially by USATF.

The measurement of the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Marathon was the biggest meeting of measurers. There were 25 measurers and several data-takers. Measurers came from USA, Canada, France, Great Britain, Australia, Scotland and Mexico.

There is nothing standing in the way of anyone putting on a meeting or seminar. It makes for a nice weekend, but somebody has to take the lead. One way to organize a local one is to contact the measurers in your state (see the USATF course search web site for email addresses) and start to explore the idea.

Also there is always the occasional opportunity to meet with another measurer and measure a course together.

While these things are a load of fun, I’ve found that it is a mistake to tie them to a running event. People get too busy on other things. Also, I see the purpose of these seminars as mostly social. While the official reason may be to educate and train, I’ve seen very few new measurers result from attendance at a seminar. Most of our new measurers read about it and do it themselves, thus obtaining on-the-job training.

One thing a seminar does that a book cannot is to show people what the SPR really is. Most newbies believe it is "where the runners will run." It's not, and having them ride in the tracks of an experienced measurer is a far more powerful way of putting it in their heads than is any book.
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As part of the USA Track & Field, the Road Running Technical Council also meets at the USATF Annual Meeting. While a meeting in a conference room is not quite the same as hands on seminar, there is still the exchange of ideas and occasionally an interesting measurement contest. Last year's meeting took place in Indianapolis. This year, the annual meeting will be in Honolulu on Nov. 28 - Dec. 2, 2007.

2007 USATF Annual Meeting

There are approximately 1300 attendees at the USATF annual meeting which includes meeting of the sport committees (like Long Distance Running, Track & Field, Youth Athletics, etc.), Officials, Records, Rules, Law & Legislation, and other administrative committee meetings.

The Road Running Technical Council is scheduled to meet Saturday. December 1 at 8:30. I will be attending this year's annual meeting.

Thank you. -- Justin

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