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A course measurer asked me if he could upgrade a map for a certified course and if so, what would be involved. He would like to modify a basic hand-drawn map to a nicer, more pleasant digital version with no changes in the route. I don’t believe this would be worth the effort, but would like to know what comments other certifiers have and how similar requests were handled. Thanks.
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It may be as simple as issuing a new Measurement Certificate replacing the course number with a new one. Of course the new certificate would need to go through the vice chair and then on to the course registrar, with the customary $3.00 fee. If the course is older than 5 years you may consider just leaving it alone.

Welcoming a better course map is a good idea, especially if the measurer is willing to
re-do the map and pay the additional filing fee.
Honestly, it would not be as easy as Kevin suggests. First the State certifier should make sure the original map is in good order. Yes, there are times when a better map could be presented, but it should be easy for all to follow.

As Kevin suggests - Providing a new certificate would not be necessary, but the new map and old certification number would be sent to the state certifier first. The certifier would make sure it matches the old map without any changes, but is easier to read. This would then be sent off to the VC, who would send a note to our Registrar to replace the old map. He then would send this information to USATF to indicate the above change. Lots of things would have to occur for all to be in place. Well, let's see how others feel.

Gene Newman
However easy this is or isn't to get approved by a State certifier, we've already defined a status code ("R") on our course list to mean "Exact Replacement for a previously certified course, with new certification number. Usually caused by correction or update of map. Course is exactly as originally certified." See the Course List Readme File. This suggests that it be implemented by assigning a new certification number, as Kevin suggested.
Thanks guys. I’ll issue a new certificate, with a new number, to implement the request for change. It will replace a previously certified course using a route that is exactly as originally certified with an updated and improved map. I’ll also send a message to the Vice Chair, with the certificates, noting that the course status code should be “R” as described in the USATF course list requirements.

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