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The fields in the course description don't match the description of the fields. For example, it says there is a "Year Certified" field whereas there is only a "Year expired" field. (Which is better than the old "Year Certified".) I just think the descriptions should match the actual fields. You can see a screen grab here:
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The year certified is always the first two digit in the Certification number. Are you asking for another field?

Why is it important to list the year certified? It's more important to know when the course expires in my opinion.

Year ago, we allowed people to make adjustments to a course and issue new Certification Number's first two digits matched the year the adjustment was made. Hence, a course could have a longer life than 10 years. This is no longer the case. When one makes an adjustment the Certification numbers first two digits are the same as to when the original course was measured. Hence, a course can't have more than a 10 year life. If we had another field, what would one place for the year the course was certified? Both years?
A small but possibly important point: it's not always true any longer that the year certified is the same as the first 2 digits, because of our rule that we assign the year when the oldest part of the course was measured.

I can certify a course in 2015 that uses a measurement from 2012 and I give it a number starting with 12.

Not saying we need a new field, I'm just saying.
Bob is correct about the year that the course was adjusted does not reflect the year the course was re-measured.

However the certificate should have all the information one needs.

As for making the change that Alan suggest, that will require someone in USATF to make this change. At the present time USATF doesn't have a person that I could use as they subcontract this type of thing out. I will see what cn be done at this year convention.

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