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Road construction Course Adjustments have been common over the years in our area . 

1. How will data entry be handled in the new online system?  Specifically when it is not a complete new measurement.  I'm working on a Half Marathon where the old course is still accessible to compare with the new course. 

Ken Lowden - Final Signatory 

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The system works only for standard full measurements from start to finish or finish to start. For other types of measurements, like adjustments, sum of segments, etc., for now you need to use the LDE (limited data entry) option. This is accessed with the button at the top of the Dashboard page.

In cases where the LDE option will be used, the measurer sends in an old-style PDF application to the certifier along with his/her map. The certifier will then use the LDE option to submit the course and generate a certificate.

With this LDE option you three files uploaded, the measurers application (or whatever info he sent), his course map, and the second map page of the map if there is one. On this LDE page you will also enter other information that goes on the certificate.

Thanks, Mark. I should have mentioned I was referring to Version II of the system. Jim Gilmer assures me that the LDE option will need to be used less and less in the future, when the system will have been updated to accommodate this kind of measurement. 

Another feature of V. II is that F.S.'s won't have to enter all the same measurement data as regular measurers - thankfully.

I think Mark will agree with me when I say that the best way to approach the new system is with the understanding that it may long be a work in progress, as the developers encounter new measurement situations that justify additional programming. I for one do not think that it would be possible to roll out this sytem, even with the healthy volume of beta testing currently being done, with the expectation that it will immediately be a flawless, omnibus solution that we all want it to be.  "One off" situations that arise that are deemed to occur infrequently will most likely have to use the LDE method unless Jim and Mark and others on the development team decide that such situations merit more programming.

Every page of the system includes a little triangular icon that when clicked opens up a "Report An Issue" form in which you can submit your problem or question to the development team. I suspect this may get used frequently at first, even though the team has worked very hard to anticipate most difficulties users may have until they are fluent with the system, and/or our system updates address various issues that will inevitably arise.

This is not some half-baked experiment that we have designed to force users to show us what we need to do to make this a worthwhile endeavor. Some sharp minds have put a massive amount of thought and work into this already. It is a wonderful, valuable, imperfect system that will march onward to perfection with everyone's cooperation and help.

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Yeah you may have to restart your browser and go to the learn site again so it shows you the 4 buttons to log in: measurer, certifier, vice-chair, and registrar. I had the issue that once I clicked on one of those buttons, whenever I went to the test site again it bypassed that page and sent me directly to the dashboard for whatever type of person I had logged in as before. I assume that's what you're seeing.

This slightly odd behavior you are seeing with the test site won't be the case when the real app goes live. You will create a count for yourself and the vice-chair will tag you as a certifier/FS, and then that's the status you will always be logged in as.

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On the LEARN site, it is necessary to sign out of the current role you are working in to move into another role.  Simply click the Sign Out link at the bottom of the navigation column on the left. This will take you back to the home page with the four role types where you can choose another role to follow the course thru the review process. 

If you want to enter a course using the LDE process, sign in to the Certifier role. Certifiers and Final Signatories are treated the same in the system for these purposes.

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