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Course Adjustments! What’s the policy?

I have scanned the doc at

But still have questions...

Here’s the case that just came up:

A new race wants to run a 5K. They happen to have a popular and recently certified 3 Mile exactly where they want their 5K. The RD states that he intends to “add footage” to the certified 3 Mile to create his 5K.

I was about to advise him that his new 5K would not be considered certified. But, am I correct in that prospective assertion? (I hope so!)

Personally, I would prefer that an entire new 5K course be measured, but from the RD’s perspective it is tremendously tempting to ask for an adjustment to the existing certified 3-Mile to create his 5K.

What do you think? Is a “Course Adjustment” a viable option in a case like this?

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You interpreted the documentation correctly. The course is certified for 3-miles only. A 5-km course, even one that overlaps the 3-mile course, would need to be certified.

A course adjustment by the measurer may allow the course to be certified quickly. (ie. keep the common start and lengthen by moving the finish line.) The new certificate would have the same expiration date as the 3-miler.

Thank you. -- Justin

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