Skip to main content is eliminating the right-hand-mounted five-digit counter from its product line. We have just over 30 left, and they are available, first come, first served, at $150 each.

This offer is in effect until all the counters have been sold.

If you are interested, contact Tom at
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All of the Right-hand units have sold. Currently their "official" status is pending backorder. I have no intention of restocking without assured sales of a sizeable number.

As my most expensive item, they sold at a rate of 4 per year. It would have taken until the next eclipse in the US to sell most of my inventory under normal conditions.

If it has to be done, the standard model will fit on the left side, underneath the fork. It will be read upside down, and count backwards.

The added cost to produce a properly fitting device is unattractive to my consumers, and stocking them cannot be justified by sales.

If you are interested, a write-up of the JR-5R is posted on the "history" tab of the website. As a device it worked adequately. As a product it failed to meet expectations.

Tom Riegel
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