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A counter should be easily readable. Some of those using present counters have become adept at reading the numbers sideways, but it is a lot easier if they are seen in the proper orientation.

Below you will see my view of my chain-driven counter. Some future models of other counters may have the same number orientation. Let’s hope so, as they are a lot easier to read.

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I'm still lurking about, doing some measuring and maintaining the Canadian Course Measurement web site... But I have had some difficulty producing the JOL counter since early this year for a couple of reasons. I relied on Paul Oerth's plastic connector to construct the JOL. The Oerths shortened their connectors by a couple of mm when they converted to the plastic axle drive. That small difference was enough to eliminate the clearance between the brass bushing and the bottom of the connector, rendering it useless to me.

I still have a couple of cables, a dozen Veeder-Roots and a few dozen metal axle drives, but my source for cables and drives can't supply me with any more. I tried the plastic drive but I abandoned it when I had one disintegrate during a 10 km measurement.

Contact me if you need a replacement drive for a Jones/Oerth or a JOL counter. I can still help you out there, while supplies last...

Laurent Lacroix

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