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Convert Windows 7 to Windows 10?

I see that the free conversion is possible, but is it desirable?

Has anyone tried it?

I'm not computer adept and each change is usually traumatic for a while.

I was hugely disappointed when I went from Windows XP to Windows 7. My main complaint was the way Windows 7 divided up my document tree, so that when I saved files they sometimes wound up in strange Windows directories instead of my preferred “My Documents” folder.

Has anyone tried the conversion yet? If so, have you discovered a downside? Online commentary is somewhat optimistic, but my needs are very simple compared to those who use all the extra bells and whistles that I neither want nor need.
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My humble opinion is: DON'T BE A GUINEA PIG! Windows is notorious for releasing OS updates with limited beta testing. Further, Windows 10 is optimized for touch screens. How many on this forum are using touch screens? Windows 7 has proved to be stable. It is supported by every app producer out there. It is mature and reliable. One day Windows 10 may have earned the same approbations. We are not there yet. I for one see no need and many risks to "upgrading" now.
OK, here's my update on updating: I read PC magazine sometimes. It is a good source of consumer tech info for me. Several weeks ago, I read an article that said "OK to update to Windows 10 now" - they had advised against it up until then. So I went ahead. First thing I noticed was "Recent Places" went away, replaced by "Quick Access". This is like going backward in time as far as I a concerned. Otherwise, things seemed OK. Until. Microsoft pushed out an update a couple of weeks ago. This update caught my graphics card driver off guard. NVidia pushed out the driver update the next day, as it happened - too late. The ensuing war between Windows 10 and my graphics card driver crashed my machine into doorstop status. 8 hours on the phone with confused Microsoft Level 2 techs and NVidia techs, and a trip to my local Microsoft store got my machine back up and running. After re-installing the graphics card driver 3 times, its GUI still doesn't work properly.

My 2 cents about updating? Windows 7 always worked just fine for me.
I have grown to hate Adobe. They are constantly giving me reminders that I need to update my versions of Acrobat on my Mac, and Flash on my work PC. When I click on the reminder to do the update, it always fails on both machines.

Acrobat is also very slow to start up on my Mac, so I don't use it anymore. I use Preview instead for PDFs, and use GIMP to convert certificates to PNG.
Interesting comments, thank you.

I am doing nearly all of my desk top work on a tiny linux machine which I got 3 years ago, but it only has a 128GB SSD. This is now full of measurement files and emails so I have to do something. I do have an old XP machine connected over my network which I can switch on and certainly store some stuff there but it is awkward and also slow just like my external USB hard disc back up storage. I still do occasionally need windows for specific programs which I cant get to run under wine on linux, but since MS stopped supporting it I dont use the XP computer for web browsing or other potentially risky things.

A family member has just bought a windows 10 laptop, but is completely frustrated so they are now going to buy a refurbished windows 7 laptop. This means there is the windows 10 laptop looking for use. I think it is really time to take the plunge and set it up to take over my XP computer's functions.

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