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As you may have noticed I have made some changes to the Bulletin Board.

1) Added a new category called "Newer Measurer Questions and Information" This category was added for two reasons. First, many of the discussions on this board are about controversial issues, where people are posting there arguments in favor of one point of view or another. Nothing wrong with that, as that's one main purpose of this forum. But it can be confusing to new measurers, who mostly want to know what the consensus is on basic measuring questions. Second, I'm sure this board can be intimidating to newer measurers, and that probably prevents them from posting. If there is a category specifically for them, I think they will be more likely to post.

2) Reordered the categories. I didn't want to put the New Measurer category at the bottom, so I went ahead and reordered all the categories. The big change here was to move the JR counter category to the bottom. I feel this category has kind of run its course and served it purpose, since the JR counter isn't really "new" anymore. But I didn't want to delete or hide it, so moving it to the bottom seemed like the best option.

3) This is a future change I plan. I'm going to move some threads from other categories to the New Measurer category, where appropriate. First though, I need to figure out how to do this Smiler, and I need to make sure that doing this won't mess up links people have to those threads.

Please post your comments here on these changes and any other changes you think might be good for the bulletin board. I would especially like to what people think would be good sub-topics in the New Measurer category.

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Thanks Mike.

Unfortunately, I found out by testing that when I move a thread, any link to that thread created before I moved it will not point to the thread anymore.
So it is probably not a good idea to move threads around much. Instead, I'll make some posts on those new measurer forums with links to those threads.
Rather than move threads to the "New Measurer" category I will create "shortcuts" to older threads that would be useful to new measurers but are under different categories. After I make a few you'll see how they work.

If you have suggestions for older threads that would be good to have under this new "New Measurer" category, send me an email and I'll create a shortcut. Of course, you are welcome to create new threads (discussion topics) on there as well.


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