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In a message dated 5/4/2006 10:48:20 A.M. Eastern Standard Time, Jim Wilhelm writes:

Hi Pete,

I have a couple of question for you.
A race has a 5k loop and they also have a 10k race that does the 5k course twice. What would be the easiest way riding the course to have both races certified?

Second question has to do with the Course Measurement Data Sheet at the bottom of the page it says
Note: you need not adjust intermediate split points unless certification is desired for those points as well. What does that mean? Lets use Jeep Davis 5k as an example. I had to add 7' 3" to the course.
How would I adjust the intermediate splits to have them certified also?

Thanks Pete,
Jim Wilhelm

Dear Jim,

If your 5 km course is a completely closed loop it is not necessary to certify it for every multiple of the 5 km distance. Just use it. If the start and finish are not exactly the same point you can't do this. I am not sure I have answered your question. I have often found that trying for the easiest ride leads me into the realm of harder thinking, and it's often easier to just ride the whole thing rather than do some fancy riding and then wonder how to calculate it.

If you send me a sketch perhaps I can give you a better answer.

Certifying splits is not commonly done, as it is a pain. When it is done, each split is considered to be a separate course in itself. The split point must be adjusted so that its distance is based on the lower measurement of the split.

A separate application and map is sometimes required for the split point as well. The elevation of the split, and its distance from the start must be known.

In other words, a certified split must be treated exactly as a certified course.

I have posted this on the Course Measurement Bulletin Board.

Best regards, Pete
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