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I just checked a recent certification map I submitted to our database online. Something didn't look right, so I printed it. I created it with our standard 3/8" margin on all sides. After uploading, it appeared with larger margins: 3/4" of white space all around, in addition to the 3/8". So, this map prints with 1+ 1/8ths inches of open space around the map images. This has effectively shrunk my map down to a size where some of the imagery is difficult for me to read, even using my best glasses.

I thought our upload process would display maps with a 3/8" border. How should I submit my maps so that I use all the available space?

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Map as submitted
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When you click on the "map" link on the Search results - USATF-certified courses web page,... will be taken to another web page...

... that includes the map and certificate PNG files as well some text.

If you want to download the map's PNG file only, position your mouse over the map image, right-mouse click and select "Save image as...".

You may also download the map file directly by clicking on this link

The map image for course DC16001NP has a border of 110 pixels (3/8-inches) on long edge and 125 pixels (13/32-inches) on the short edge. To keep it simple, I use a simple white border of 100 pixels on all sides. That leaves 3100 pixels by 2350 pixels available for the map.

Thank you. -- Justin
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When I save the map to my computer, it is fine. The file Nathan sent to Gene is just as you sent it to Nathan.

As Justin said, don't print from the viewing pane through the USATF site - download the png to your computer, and print from there.

It does not help legibility when you use a blue background. I advocated for using color on maps, but the specs were for no color backgrounds, and no screens. I see both on your map. At a glance, the map is attractive, but too many light-blue lines and text. Copy that map on a black-and-white copier, and you won't see many aspects of the map. That is what our test was when agreeing to specs - it had to be legible when copied on a black-and-white copier. The camel got its nose under the tent.

I have no problem saying: "Too many people have taken advantage of the allowance of color on maps, to the extent they are less legible, not more". I didn't want full-color maps that looked like posters when I discussed color maps being allowed. However, that is what is happening. I wanted maps to use colors to be more clear, not artistic competitions. Sorry, Gene.

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