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It's time to clean and lubricate your counter's axle drive when it starts to make a lot of noise. It's much more common for the axle drive to wear out than for problems to occur with the Veeder-Root counter. The old metal axle drives are becoming very scarce, and maintaining them adds years to their lifespan.

A common problem with the Jones/Oerth counter is the failure of the glue binding the Veeder-Root counter to the plastic connector. I've found that Shoe Goo and other similar liquid sole compounds work very well. Put a small amount of glue on the outside edge of the connector where it comes into contact with the Veeder-Root, being careful to avoid the center hole where it can gum up the the Veeder-Root's shaft. The apply it liberally to the outside of the Veeder-Root and connector so that it forms a good seal but avoid getting any on the display. Take off the excess so that the counter doesn't get stuck to the surface on which it's drying. The counter is ready for use after about 12 hours.
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I don't trust the glue. I've seen the bond break a couple of times. Once the counter fell off, and I was lucky to find and retrieve it.

I put wire around the counter just to be sure. It looks messy, but I no longer worry about the counter falling off. This is how the old originals came. I never heard of one of those counters coming apart.

Every so often I give the gear part a good slosh in gasoline to try to get the gritty stuff out of the area near the hub, then give it a shot of oil
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