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A fellow measurer asked about certifying courses w/a wheel and since I hadn't heard about such a thing for a while, I took a look at our 'measurement procedures' and don't see a wheel on the list of things you need to measure a course. That surprised me.

Are measuring wheels no longer eligible to use for certifying courses and, if so, when did this development come about (another example that I sometimes feel like the last to learn something...).
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As far as I know measuring wheels have been a no-no ever since the measurement book was written.

That said, I have used a measuring wheel for certain short measurements where a bike can't go. Measurement News #92, November 1998, described the measurement of a course within Allen Correctional Institution in Lima, Ohio. They wouldn't let me take the bike inside the prison, so we laid out a 100 meter cal course in the Yard, calibrated the measuring wheel, and measured the course.

Note that calibration included spoke-counting, so that the revolutions of the wheel could be gotten to the nearest 0.1 foot.

Most people who want to use a measuring wheel don't think about calibration.

I would be willing to certify a measuring-wheel measurement if:

1) They walked, not ran nor rode in the trunk of a car with the wheel held out the back (I have seen this done).
2) The wheel was calibrated on a standard calibration course.
3) Agreement and paperwork were OK.

Note that I discourage the measuring wheel, but find it has its uses.

Tomorrow I may use one. The finish of a race is on a track, and biking may be prohibited.

The article may be downloaded at

Prison Measurement
Click on "Prison Measurement.:

The course is certified as OH98038PR.
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