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Hi all. I am relatively new to measuring courses compared to most here, but have been "unofficially measuring" small local races for a couple years where I live, using the USATF standards.

I have what might seem an obvious question to some, but would like to get input on it. I have used a 1000 meter course before, and the math on that was easy as it relates to the counts per kilometer when actually measuring the course.

What if you use a 300 meter course? If I do my calibrations and at the end of all of the procedures I come out with a working constant of say 2800 counts for 300 meters, how does that get turned into what the count should be for a kilometer. Is it simply 300 meters is 2800 counts, 100 meters is 933.333333 counts, and therefore 933.33333 x 10 = 9333.3333.

Therefore 9333.33333 counts = 1000 meters?

Again this might be obvious, but just want to make sure I'm going about this the right way.

Thanks in advance,
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