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Ken Hardwick suggested that a calibration course location map would also be helpful, so here it is.

Keep in mind though, that the locations shown are simply in the center of the city listed for the course. It would be much more useful if the actual street location of the courses were shown, but that information is not available in the USATF database.

With that in mind, if you'd like to help improve this map you could find the GPS coordinates of some of the courses and send them to me. This would probably involve opening the cal course map to see where the course actually is, and then finding the GPS coordinates of that location.

I will be doing this for cal courses in Michigan, and I believe Nathan Porch is going to do it for Maryland courses. It's not necessary for you to do it for an entire state, or even a long list. You could just do it for a few near you, or for just your own courses, or just one course! It would all help.

If you do decide to help with this, please send me the GPS coordinates in the following format:


The latitude should be positive and the longitude should be negative. Both should be in decimal degrees (not degrees,minutes,seconds).

An alternative that would probably be easier for most people would be to use Google Earth to get a whole list. Below are the instructions for using Google Earth to send me a list of locations.

1) Put a Placemark at each cal course location.
2) Make the name of each waypoint the cert#.
3) Create a Folder in GE by selecting Add>Folder.
4) Drag each Placemark over top of the folder to move them there.
5) Right-click on the folder and select "Save Place As..."
6) Select kml as the file type.
7) Save it to your hard drive.
8) Email me that kml file. runnermark at
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