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A track is no good for a calibration course. The 100 meter straight is too short.

The curves are hard to follow keeping 30 cm from the curb. It's not possible to get a good ride along 200 meters of curve. We saw this on the 1996 Olympic Marathon measurement. Our track riding was awful.

It takes only 1/2 hour to lay down a straight-line 300 meters. Better to do this.
Originally posted by Pedro Zapata:
This week end I was measuring a course in Trinidad. A near by track course was there, It's posible to use a track course as a calibration for the bikes? 400mt.?

I would not. If we relied on it being accurate, why would we certify tracks? I think the general understanding is that if you can locate the paperwork of the surveyor/contractor who put in the track you could but otherwise no.

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