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A message from infopop, who hosts our bulletin board:

Hello Infopop web hosting customer,

We have your eve community, and the server it resides on (da035),
scheduled for the new 1.2 version update for the night (PST) of Feb/17
or in other words, early morning (PST) Feb/18. The update takes
approximately 6 hours to complete, with your community inaccessible for
about 2 hours or less, during which time your community will be updated
and any topics that you have marked for archiving will be archived.

For a refresher on what's new in eve 1.2 please see the topic on our
community forums at

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact
me. This is a very good software upgrade and we're sure you'll find the
new features worthwhile.

Thank you,

David Dreezer
Web Hosting Manager
Infopop Corporation
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