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I just replaced my 33 year old Raliegh CityLite with a 4 year old Trek 7.0 FX to use for course measurement.  On the Raliegh, I have been carrying all of my stuff in a backpack.  That is a real pain in the back.  I'm thinking of putting a rear rack and some kind of rear baskets/saddlebags/Panniers on the Trek to hold my measuring stuff.  Anyone have any thoughts, experience or advice on this topic?

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Frank, I have long used a medium-size pack on a rear rack to hold my measuring tape, bike cable lock, adhesive tape and chalk, and miscellaneous gear. After riding past too many splits, I mounted a front basket in which I place a clipboard case and my notebook. I use cable ties to hold the case with my notebook open so that I have the numbers for my splits right under my eyes. This has been a big help - despite how dorky I look while I'm measuring. I also keep my adhesive tape and a calculator in the basket for easy access while I am measuring. Sometimes I carry an extra can of paint in the basket. The clipboard case keeps my notebook and draft maps dry in the event of precipitation. I have a cell mount for my phone on the stem, which I keep open to my GPS program.

Measurers have lots of different ways of configuring their bikes, some of which are visible in the archives here. I tried panniers and I did not like them - too bulky and inconvenient.

Why are you carrying a bunch of stuff on your bike and in a backpack? This always puzzled me. I put a can of spray paint in a bottle cage and a notepad and pen in my pocket. Those tools and a cell phone (calculator) in another pocket are usually more than sufficient while measuring. I simply measure and make small paint marks for splits and detailed notes. Often I send myself GPS coordinates (via phone) if I think it may be helpful later. When done measuring I go back if needed in my vehicle and locate paint marks to hammer nails, pull measurements etc. there really is no need to stop and do all that stuff while measuring. 

I'm with Mark on this one.  I carry my nails/washers, hammer, stencils and rag in a backpack. I also carry spikes and whiskers for when I am measuring on a cinder trail, or concrete trail.  Can't drive back to split locations on trails.

I use the stencils to paint mile numbers at the nail/washer.  Paint can is in a bottle cage, but everything else is in my backpack.  I don't worry about the weight, as it is part of the process, to me.

eddean posted:

I put all my numbers on masking tape on the bar in front of me. I Don’t have to worry about pages blowing around. Then, I peel the tape off and stick it to the inside of the course folder.

I use a rear rack and bag for tools.

This is wonderful. Until you find yourself in a traffic situation and blow by a timing point location too far to back up your bike.

Fortunately, this never happens to me

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