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Consider using Assessor's (TN) maps when Google Earth is behind recent construction.  Attached file is an overlay of an Assessors map on a GE screenshot to tell where the street is. This one was quite close with a wall at one end and cul de sac at the other end of an out and back course.  QR stands for Quaker Run Drive on the map.



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  • GE over TN Prop
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Hey, Oscar. Nice suggestion for working in new developments. Their fees don't seem high.

As important is to remember to throw away any concept of riding over curbs on unfinished roads. I learned the hard way that developers tend to install the road curbs long before the final pavement is brought up to the level of the curb bottoms. This leaves a couple of inches or more of height between the curb and the road surface. I foolishly neglected to pay attention to this height difference when measuring on such roads on two different occasions. I tried to take the tangent across such curbs at a shallow angle. Went over the bars and broke thumbs and ribs.


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