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Quoting Jim Gilmer from this March 21, 2018 article:

“Where it is now, it’s almost complete and with a little bit of work, it’ll be perfect, for my standards, at least,” Becker said. “This whole process has been really fulfilling. Just seeing everything come together in the end is really satisfying.”

This was nine months ago. Anyone know about beta testing? Or a rollout?


Hi Alan and all, 

We are making good progress on the development and I hope to have a beta release for demonstration/testing out by the end of Jan.  Screencast video demonstrations and live training sessions are being planned, too.  

Our stake-in-the-ground date for system migration is mid-March. But we've got a ways to go to get there and will need everyone's help -- just not all at once (haha).

I'll be back posting on this board soon! Thanks.


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