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I measured a course this morning. Rode 2 towns away to meet the race organizers near a cal course I'd laid out. Calibrated, did the 2 rides, then realized there was another cal course right near the finish of the race course, and by using that I could head directly home instead of stopping halfway to re-calibrate.

Did the first ride and instantly realized something was fishy. My pre-cal constant was 142.85 (using the Protegé method). Post-cal was 145.10. Then I realized the post-cal course was 1,000 ft., while the pre-cal was 300m.

This second course was originally laid out by another measurer in the state who thinks Imperially rather than metrically. When it was paved over, I laid out a 300m course in its place. The road was repaved AGAIN and this time the other measurer laid out a 1,000 ft. course.

The lesson is, don't assume a cal course is 300m (or 1,000 ft. for that matter).
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The corollaries to this could be:

    If you measure a calibration course, send a map in with the forms so it can be certified. Then its length and location will be posted on the Internet, available to other measurers, and there won't be any doubt about either, and:

    If you didn't measure an uncertified calibration course, don't calibrate on it.

A few years ago an experienced measurer calibrated on a certified calibration course in downtown Chicago and thought that the 300 meter calibration course was 1000 feet long. The measurement was one of those last-second affairs and, predictably, resulted in a 9842 meter 10K course.

I contacted him immediately after I discovered the error- but at this point don't recall how the issue was eventually resolved...

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