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This was asked by one of my Certifier's!

"Should we add an optional comment section to the measurement database on the USATF website? If there was a comment section associated with each certified course, then a measurer or someone else could add a comment if they notice a problem or need to add a hint on how to locate the markers. The comment section would be available to all courses."

These comments would be added by the course registrar.
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A comment field, associated with a course certification, could be used by measurers and others to help identify course updates or problems. For example, I just visited a few, active, local calibration courses that I had measured a few years ago. I located the nails and refreshed the paint. If there was a comment field, I would say something like PK nails located and marked with blue paint. Aug, 16, 2012 jkuo.

It may also be used by measurers and others to indicate the nails are missing, the road was repaved or construction changed the course. That could help the measurer decide if a course should be deleted and remeasured.

It may be a good idea to allow the comment field to be accessed by just the course registrar and a few selected individuals. Or, perhaps anyone with an active USATF number could enter a comment. Those comments would need to be approved by the course registrar before they became visible.

Thank you. -- Justin

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