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Road Running Technical Council (RRTC)
Annual Meeting
Saturday December 2, 2017
Room Ohio-A
RRTC business (9:30 am – 12 noon)
Demo/training for online course measurement and certification
(1 pm – 5 pm)

1. Acceptance of last year’s minutes
2. Old items
3. Registrar Report
4. West Vice Chair Report
5. East Vice Chair Report
6. Validation Chair Report
7. Training Chair Report

New Items

8. RRTC name change proposal to include race walking and x-country courses.

9. Certification of non-paved courses. What percent will we allow? This is a continuation of last year’s discussion where there is still a great deal of confusion.

10. Amending the rules for ultra records to allow non paved certified courses.

11. Certification of cross country courses

12. Olympic Trials and the RRTC

13. Liability for errors

14. Measurers as USATF Certified Officials. This has been in the works for several years and it's time to make it happen.

15. Certifying courses outside of the USA – NACAC Certification Program. Legally we can only issue a USATF Certificate for courses within the USA. Any other courses must be Certified through the IAAF or by that country's certification program. Obviously many countries do not have their own program especially our neighbors in the Caribbean. The IAAF divides the world up into several regions. We belong to the NACAC region (North American - Central America - & the Caribbean). We have already received approval from the head of NACAC to start a program just for this region. It will follow the same protocols and procedures of the RRTC but the Certificate will be issued with the NACAC logo.

16. 2017 Ted Corbitt Award : Gene Newman, Bob Letson, & Mike Wickiser

17. Measurement Contest

18. IAAF – new rules & A & B status

19. The future of the JR Counter.

20. New Certification Online Platform
A group that included Jim Gilmer, Justin Kuo, Jane Parks, David Katz and others have been working on a new online certification platform that will help streamline the entire process and reduce errors. A role out will take place along with demos & training at this years annual meeting.

21. Additional topics
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Some comments to the agenda

8. What happens to existing race walking and cross country councils. Our Bylaws would have to make changes. RRTC has enough to do under its present setup.

9. Depends where bike was calibrated.

11. XC course should not be certifers. Too many variables occur. Maybe, a certificate could be issued just for XC courses as they were measured according to our present standards. However, many XC courses have too many types of surfaces as this will create inaccurate measurements.

13. This can happen, but the person that measures should have their own insurance. As for happening, in my time I know of no lawsuits that has ever happened. Why open this can of worms.

14. I doubt this will ever fly with Joe the measurer. May work with our Certifiers, but I have my doubts.

16. Congrats to my fellow Award winners. I thank RRTC for selecting me as it is a great honor. Sorry, I will not attend the meeting this year, but hope to see you all in the future.

Have a great meeting,

Gene Newman.
The RRTC met during the 2017 USATF Annual Meeting in Columbus, OH.

Click to view larger image.

In the back row (from left to right): Jim Gilmer, Kyle Farmer (AREEP intern), Kevin
Becker (AREEP intern), Justin Kuo, Nathanial Gullozzo (AREEP intern), Ron
Pate, Mike Wickisier, Neyl Marquez, Bob Thurston, Jeff John.

In the front row (from left to right): Jane Parks, David Katz, Mark Neal, Bruce
Leasure, Alan Jones and Jim Wilhelm.

Thank you. -- Justin
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