I'm having an issue with adding a second Turn Around Point to a course, every time I add it, fill in the info , and Save, but it disappears when I go back into the Measurement Screen.  Only the first TA point saves. Has anyone come across this issue or know of a solution?


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This type of course probably still needs to be submitted an an "LDE" course, RC. Go back to your dashboard, select "LDE Applications", then "NEW LDE". submit your course via this option.

CertifiedRoadRaces.com will be a work in progress for the indefinite future. When V.II is released next year, it will accommodate more of our less-common course configurations. 

Only certifiers/FS can submit an LDE course. If a measurer has a course that he/she knows will need to be submitted with the LDE process (because he/she measured in segments for example) then he/she should submit the course to their certifier the same way they did before the online system started.

I tried entering a course with two turnaround points and it will let me generate the measurement table for the 1st ride, but will not let me save the data for the validation ride. I get the following  screen, and will submit using the LDE application. 


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RC - Sorry you're having difficulties with this. I just did a test on my account and was able to enter both rides with 2 TA points without any problem.


You might want to delete your rides or else delete the entire course and start again. Thanks.


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