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2015 Summary of RRTC Meetings:

Mark Neal and Ron Scardera commented on the US Olympic Marathon Trials measurements as they were two of the three measurer’s. Ron noted there were many trial measurements starting early 2015 and the final measurement was done in October, after starting the process in February of this year. Both will be validating the course on day of race by checking all is set up correctly and then riding in the lead Vehicles.

IAAF had a Rule change that effects our verification/validation process. The old rule was 260.28 and the new rule is 260.21. It used to be the Original Measurer had to be on site the day of the race. Now the original measurer can appoint a person they trust to do the validation.

Bill Roe, Men’s LDR Division Chair, presented us with a document that the Championship Races will be given and asked us to make any changes before this is done. After our meeting several of us made a few changes and then presented this document to Jim Estes and Bill Roe. This should help our Validation Chair with the process of Verifications/Validation.

Jim Gilmer, Chaired the RRTC Award(Ted Corbitt) and was commended by Gene for his efforts. It was noted that we have not given awards in a long time, if ever. Thanks to David Katz for his help in making this award possible. This is long overdue. The First Annual Ted Corbitt/RRTC award winners were: Tom and Mary Anne McBrayer, Wayne and Sally Nicoll, Paul Hronjak and Pete Riegel.

The following Items were discussed and here is a summary:
1.Should we add the Calibration Course Number to the map page?
We decided that it will not be done. We are putting it on the back-burner, any who wants can put it on the map.

2.Single point description of Start, Finish, or turns?
We decided, multiple points of the descriptions are best. However, if a single point is really clear as a reference, then it is not necessary to use multiple points.

3.Can one certify a course that goes out and back that has turns without restrictions at all turns?
For safety and accuracy one should ask the race director if he wants any restrictions. It was noted we measure the distance using the SPR, hence if a race director doesn’t want restrictions then we just measure using the SPR. If the race director states they will cone, then the measurer needs to put the coning on the map. Otherwise cone restrictions are not shown on a map.

4.Should a Surveyor be listed as a measurer (that is if they do a calibration course)?
We decided for those who have only measured Cal Courses will not be listed as measurers.

5.Should the Date of the race be on the Certificate?
We decided to take it off.

6.How about changing the Application for Certification so it’s in the same order of filling out the certificate?
It was decided that the application has a specific order that is good. Hence, it will remain. However, the certificate order will be changed to match the Application for Certifying.

7.Can we create an auto fill certificate for certain entries? As an example, when one enters the course length and elevations, then the drop and separation would fill automatically.
Duane stated he uses an excel sheet for the certificate that has auto fill for measurer name and calculations needed. Duane will get a copy of his certificate to Gene. Gene is trying to get auto fill at the registrar’s level. This is up to USATF’s IT partners and Gene is waiting for their response.

8.Problems with USATF Championship races in 2015 and future changes.
It was noted we had some problems. See above about a document that will be sent to RD about their requirements to be done. This will at least put them on notice. This will be updating on the website as well regarding verification and validation.

9.Mark Neal is developing an online presentation of Open Office. How will this be done?
This will be more like Web class and it will be short. The lecture will be about an hour long with no questions at that time. Next, there will be a break. People will then do lab work followed by a Q&A. Over Christmas, Mark is planning to do a trial run with the RRTC group.

My comments to all.

A.There will be a few changes. Scott Hubbard will retire from Michigan and will be replaced Mark Neal. Hence, Bob Brennand will take Mark’s position in WA.
B.Our Data Officer position has been removed.
C.Logan Burgess is taking over for treasurer from Jane Parks in early January.
D.Jane is taking over Registrar position from Gene in late June.
E.Our RRTC meeting next year will be Friday and the Course measuring workshop will be to Saturday. All to take place in Orlando

Comments from meeting after Agenda

Should we require USATF Certified course logo on all maps being done by our Certifiers.
1.The Logo can only put on legally by RRTC. This makes it easier for USATF to press charges for courses being stolen or misused. Need to find out restrictions on use of logo before we go too far with anymore this discussion. We have a monochrome logo, Justin will get it out to certifiers.
2.Place a statement on the USATF Search Engine that maps may not be manipulate or modify.

Meeting Adjourned.
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