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That is part of the problem with R Thurston or Bob Thurston. I tried to go through and combine the two. However, I may have not quite got that part totally correct.

In the old times a registrar only used a first Initial, which causes problems with names like Danny White and Doug White. Same last name and same first initial. The courses that each measured would show for both. I tried to coreect some of this, by calling Doug White-Mr Doug White.

Again, thanks for your comments about the report. I also appreciated Duane's input for the actual distance measured by each person, which I felt would be a good thing to include.
Just some additional numbers...
Gene’s/Duane’s 2014 USATF Certification Statistics showed I had measured 88 course with a Total Length of Courses in Miles of 524 miles.

Most of the time while measuring, I use my Garmin 800 GPS. Based on the GPS tracks loaded to Garmin Connect, I bicycled approximately 837 miles measuring courses in 2014.
Considering the Total length of courses being 524 miles, and riding each course twice would be 1048.
But, of course, some courses are out-and-back and some measurements include multiple distances. So, you can’t actually compare the two.

Also, just finished documenting all the miles “driven” for course measurements in 2014. That total was 9510 miles.
Ken, you are correct that we can't correlate length of measured courses with miles ridden, as I also have some out-and-back, while others ride the course three or four times. Just a comparison of total course length, with no reference to miles ridden.

I sure hope you got mileage for your more-distant courses! I don't think I had 1000 miles driven for measuring in 2014. You certainly covered lots of ground, both in your car, and riding!

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