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Reply to "Split points which are not halfway points"

In the layout measurement (Ride 1), after generating the Measurements Table, go to the Measured Point where the TA split will be added and click on the blue plus sign (+) on the right.

Enter the number of counts displayed on your counter at the TA split. Select mi/km for displaying the TA split distance.  Click on Turn-Around Point in dropdown box and add a reference note, if desired. Click the SAVE button, which returns you to your Road Courses dashboard. 

To check the entry of the split, click on the edit icon (pencil) for Measurement 1

Review the saved Measurements table


Images (4)
  • mceclip0: Generating Measurements table
  • mceclip1: Enter TA split in Measurments table
  • mceclip2: My Road Courses dashboard
  • mceclip3: Saved Measurements table with TA Split