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Reply to "RRTC Annual Meeting Minutes"

Until recently most measurers thought that validations were done after the record performance by remeasurement of the course. However, finances and expert manpower are not available to do this in many cases, and often it would be an extraordinary waste of effort.
Some of the factors used in deciding not to do a remeasurement are:

1. The measurer of the course has a very high reputation.
2. A very similar course has been validated previously and the differences check out well by measurement using “Streets”.
3. The length of the course checks out well on “Streets”.
4. The performance on the course is not for an open record.
5. The record performance and that from other race participants is that expected from those in other races.

At the 2006 USATF Meeting the following rule was enacted probably from the Long Distance Running Committees:

265-3……Course remeasurement is mandatory for a record to be accepted.

This is in conflict with validation practice and so needs to be changed at the next USATF Meeting.

Most validation procedures were developed before my time and I am not sure why they were never placed online until Gene made the effort recently.