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First, the process we use could be improved, but the measurer can't do as suggested. Some things must be done by the Regional Certifier as explained below. If we do as suggested by some the process will slow down and confusion would follow. Note below comments on the maps as to who and what's to be expected.

Maps should have the following:
1.Course ID - (done by Regional Certifier)
2.North Arrow - (done my measurer)
3.Race Name and City - (done by measurer)
4.Start and Finish with descriptions- (done by measurer)
5.Name of the Measurer with their contact information -(done by measurer)
6.In place of Expiration Date the following statement à Certificate valid from(date of submission) through Dec. 31st(10 years hence) - (done by Regional Certifier)

Maps should not contain Pictures or Photographs.
Maps should be done with Black print on White Paper
Maps should have a margin of 3/8”
Maps should be done on the back of the Certificate if possible.

The Vice Chairs will check that this is being followed.