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Course Measurement
CALL FOR MATERIAL! We have plenty of people looking but few saying anything. Opinions, even quick, off-the-top-of-your-head ones, are the things that prompt replies. So, don't just sit there - say something!
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General Course Measurement Topics4963486
Electronic Measurement96729
Tips & Tricks45339
Newer Measurer Questions and Information
This is the place for newer measurers to ask basic questions about measuring courses, submitting certification applications, etc. It is also the place for more experienced measures to post information that could be useful to newer measurers, such as methods, tips, tricks, not covered in the procedure manual.
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Calibration Courses22172
Measuring the Course21181
Drawing Certification Maps13210
Useful Tools1266
Other Questions930
Course Certification Discussion Area
This area is for Certifiers and others to discuss aspects of course certification. Let's see some discussion. The more we use this the better we will communicate. As a suggestion, why not resolve this year to post something once a week? Each post elicits responses, and this makes things more interesting.
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USATF/RRTC Topics4042684
Cross-Country Courses
We get a lot of requests for certification of cross-country courses. How can we help?
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How can cross-country courses be measured?766
How can cross-country courses be certified?227
Race AdministrationLatest Post:
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Other Race Administration Topics1376
Bulletin Board AdministrationLatest Post:
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Suggestions & Comments182269
Miscellaneous TopicsLatest Post:
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Material that doesn't fit other categories207870
The New Jones Counter Model JR
This section is devoted ONLY to the new Jones Counter, Model JR. Suggestions for alternative ways to count wheel revolutions should be posted in the appropriate other sections of the Bulletin Board.
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Recent Developments1273
New Counter Designs
Can we come up with a better design than what we have used for over 30 years? Share your thoughts
Final Design Details119
Web Page521
Fabrication Has Begun333
Experience and Usage1045
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