Paul Hronjak
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We lost dear friend in Paul Hronjak, who contributed so much to the RRTC since 1994. Paul started measuring course in 1994, when he measured 9 courses and over time he measured more than 200 courses. In 1996 Paul became the NC Regional Certifier, where he certified over 2000 courses. In the early 2000's , Paul was appointed to the RRTC as the Vice Chair.

I meet Paul around 2002, at an RRTC meeting in CT. Since that time we have worked closely together and there were many times I asked for his advice. He was level headed and right on with this advice. When I became RRTC Chair, Paul and I worked as a team to help make the Certification process better. During the summer of this year, Paul informed about retiring as Vice Chair East. This was a sad day, but he vowed to keep up the battle and would do is part with his position as NC Regional Certifier.

The battle is over for Paul, but he will always be remembered as a friend and a person that the RRTC will not forget.

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P.S. check out the link below

It was with great sadness that I learned of Paul’s obituary in the Raleigh paper this morning: http://www.legacy.com/obituari...hid=5502#fbLoggedOut
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