GPS test proposal
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Do you own a GPS?
Do you have access to a calibration course?

Try this. Go to one end of the cal course. Take ten readings. Write down the ten results. Go to the other end and do the same thing.

The results I seek are the positions of the points on the ground, expressed in whatever units the apparatus provides(latitude/longitude?). If you have any extra results send that too. As I do not own a GPS I will be learning as we go.

If your unit has the capability to measure between two points, send that too. Right now I am not sure what data are appropriate. I think the two-position readings are best, but am open to suggestion.

For those wishing to check an actual route, calibrate the bike and go for a leisurely ride anywhere at all. At the end you will have measured how far you rode by calibrated bicycle, and you will also be able to get a GPS reading for the same route. See how they compare.

Send me the results at riegelpete@aol.com, including the length of the calibration course and its certification number. I will start a file of results from all who send them.

When I have enough to make it interesting I will post them here. All who send me results will receive updates of all new material that I get.

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I would suggest that the data submitter includes a description of the type of course measured including extent of tree cover, presence of tall buildings, if next to water (such as lakes or oceans) and if underneath bridges or through underpasses. That way if anomalies occur it can maybe help explain why.
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They might also want to report the model # of the device they used. The one I have is 5+ years old so it probably won't do as well as a newer model.

I'll see if I can find it in my thought-it-was-a good-idea-at-the-time box, and give Pete's experiment a try.
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Another test could reveal the degree of precision that may be expected from runner GPS units.

Many runners run the same route during training. It would be interesting to see a series of 10 readings taken over the same route. They will yield different values for the distance. How different? Anybody wish to volunteer to take some data, on either bike or foot?

Any results will be gratefully accepted.

Pete Riegel
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